How To Track Your Loved Ones?

In the age of information technology, it becomes imperative to stay updated on activities, which bothers the most. Apart from staying updated about market trends, tracking social footprint of loved ones has also become an essential quo in todays fast pace living. The need to stay connected has grown over the year, as travelling has become more convenient and accessible. Every day, scores of flights ferry individuals from one part of globe to another. The need to track your loved ones is fast catching up as a hot trend. Following are easy steps to track your loved ones.

1. Before you leave for an important office assignment, make sure you wish good-bye to your loved ones. It is important to convey your own status just like how important it is to know about others. Such a habit reciprocates an equal need in other person to inform their status. It is a healthy practice to use online social networking platform to inform about your assignments. However, there is no better alternative than personal communication or talk.

2. Avoid routing the message of departing through a third person or through common platforms shared with non-family friends. It may give out a wrong message. When using social networking sites keep important or personal-level status within the family circle. This saves from hurting other family member feelings. It does hurts a bit when a person finds more about loved ones from a stranger, which he/she is completely unaware of.

Track Your Loved One's Flight In REAL TIME!

Track Your Loved One’s Flight In REAL TIME!

3. Use phone apps for quicker and faster communication when travelling aboard. There are many voice-based instant messengers to communicate without geographical limitations as faced in real life. Most apps are available for free or against a small fixed price. The voice services are very cheap and can be used as a personal means of communicating with family and friends.

4. Use call tracking software to keep tabs on husband, kids or wife. Call tracking is by far the most effective means to track position of your loved ones. They cannot be forged like other app-based proxy locators. They charge a fixed rate for a given tenure, and each time there is a call being made, the locator app informs about the location from where the call was made. It can track series of call records and submit rough idea on map about different locations during travelling where each call made.

5. Even after using high-tech software and smart phone apps to map location of loved ones, make sure there is a line of personal communications shared. This helps in proactively learning about the location, which is by far the most accurate way of knowing the location. Call tracking services can help in cross verifying about the verbally shared location. However, to learn about accurate details such as the hotel room number, or about peer group and social life, there is no substitution than to personal mode of communication with your loved ones.

not track your loved ones

not track your loved ones

Bottom line:

The call tracking software and social application helps in tracking Geo location of loved ones. However, there is no better substitution than the personal level of communication or status exchange.

20 Nov 2013

How To Meet Halfway

Every relationship is a give and take process. This is one factor that couples are struggling every moment of their lives. It’s just so easy to take and just so hard to give in with what you have. We have mastered the art of wanting something, that it needs to be done never mind the wants of the partner. Sometimes, you would fight over small things because one just doesn’t want to give in. Well, I think it’s the pride. We always want to have the last say. And it destroys any chance of communication on trying to settle the matter. To try to compromise is to have an open mind and the willingness to genuinely give in without grudges in the end.

It’s you and I

In every discussion, rather than focusing on things that you wanted to be done try to consider your partner’s feeling. Is he or she comfortable with what you want? If she or he is willing to give in, would he or she be happy with your decisions? Don’t focus on your own feelings, wants, and needs. Be sensitive with your partner’s desires. Take it with Webster’s New College Dictionary’s definition of compromise, “a settlement of differences in which each sides make concession.” It speaks for itself.


In a heated discussion, take time to relax, sit down for a couple of minutes and listen to your partner without interruption even for just a measly 5 minutes. You need not to agree with what the other is saying. Just simply listen to his or her side. Then take turns. Your discussion must be done calmly without blaming each other. After you heard all your sides make up a decision where both of you will benefit from it. You’re a team. Everything you come up must be for the betterment of both of you.

to meet it "halfway" to

to meet it “halfway” to

Try to See Things in Your Partner’s Perspective

Try to stay out of the box to see things in a new perspective. Maybe there are some options out there that suit the both of you. Try to barter. Do not be stubborn enough to overlook your partner’s needs. It is not just you who have desires in whatever you are attaining to do. Indulging into your partner’s happiness may mean everything to him or her. Who knows your partner may return you the favor. Just remember that little arguments are not a sign that your relationship is falling apart. This is normal for every other relationship out there.

Are you ready to see things

Are you ready to see things

If you really value your relationship with your partner, you should be willing to compromise and make slight changes to what you are used to. Do not always want things your ways. Sometimes there are priorities that are much important than yours. If you respect the relationship you have with your partner, you should also respect him and should be willing to compromise. There is nothing wrong about giving in order to maintain peace and harmony in your relationship.

18 Nov 2013

Top Natural Supplements for Energy

Energy is one thing that many people lose even before the end of the day. Many times, just waking up in the morning starts with a weakened energy. What one feels physically is usually a result of what has been done in the last few days to even months and years. When one is ill, it is natural to lose the usual energy but if it seemed a “normal” life, something is wrong with the daily habit.

What causes lack of energy?

There are several culprits for lacking energy. Correcting these bad habits will bring back the energy one needs daily:

1. Lack of sleep (less than 7 hours).

2. Too much sleep (more than 9 hours).

3. Lack of exercise

4. Lack of nutrition.

Whether one is a workaholic or plain lazy, the tendency is to either sleep less or too much, move as little as possible (especially when work has something to do with computers, or one is a couch potato), and eat what is available (usually fastfood meals).

Immediate Fix: Pills or Energy Drinks

Usual to office workers, whether workaholic or not, if the lack of energy is felt, and the need to get up and work is a must, the common remedy is to pop some pills to get an energy boost. The problem is, many are just tricking the brain into to make one wide awake but without the energy boosted. Some have habitually made energy drinks as their water for the day. Death in the sleep has occurred after taking energy drinks for 3 days and not sleeping due to deadline. When the deadline has been met and it was time to sleep, the poor girl did not wake anymore.

Natural Green Drink Supplemen

Natural Green Drink Supplemen

Go for Natural Supplements to Re-energize

There have been realizations that certain natural energizers work but which have been discovered thousands of years ago. Coffee is one of them but too much of coffee can bring about harmful effects. Below are the top natural energy booster supplements, not in any particular order:

1. Asian Ginseng

2. Rhodiola

3. Kelp

4. Guarana

5. Gotu Kola

6. Turmeric

7. Licorice Root

8. Astralgalus

9. Ashwagandha

10. Royal Jelly

11. Spirulina

12. Bee Pollen

13. Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

14. Amino Acids

15. B Vitamins

Energy can be drained, often by wrong habits like lack of sleep (or too much sleep), lack of nutrients and lack of exercise. Lifestyle solution can be sleeping at least 7-9 hours, eating more nutritious foods and lessening junk, and moving to get enough exercise. Many find it difficult to use these solutions so they go for supplements. Many supplements, though, do harm when taken continuously. Go for natural supplements instead for safety and better health.

best supplement for energy

best supplement for energy

15 Nov 2013

Tips For A Healthy Allowance For The Whole Family

There comes a time when a child starts to have an allowance to be taught how to handle money. When the time comes that he or she begins to earn, keeping within budget will be a lot easier. In certain families it is the father who decides and gives out the allowances but in others it is the mother since the father does the usual earning as the head of the family. The mother does the budgeting and the caring for the whole household needs. Budgeting is very important especially for families where income is not even enough. Setting an allowance helps in stretching what little money is available to each member of the family. Managing that allowance teaches the keeper to survive and decide what to do and be strategic and resourceful with what is available.

How much allowance is healthy enough?

How much to give really depends on the age, the environment and the availability of the funds. You would not expect any child who is not even going to school yet to have his or her own allowance unless the mother is the one allotting it for other purposes like savings or special items. The allowance that is meant is the money that is given to the person for the whole week, at least, to enable the person to budget on his or her own.

Healthy Resolutions for the Whole Family

Healthy Resolutions for the Whole Family

A school child usually has food prepared. If money is needed it is usually for something fun to eat. Consider what the child will need the money for. Sometimes, just the fact that there is money in the pocket gives the child some sort of assurance that he or she is not left out all alone. With money, there is some sort of power. As the child grows older, needs and wants get bigger. You do not expect a sixth grader to be happy with a first grader allowance. As for adults, they are expected to have their own money coming from their own effort. With husbands who give all their money to their wives for budgeting, they are usually on allowance too. Give them extra, just in case they stumble into an accident breaking something.

Do not give children more than enough

You may be filthy rich and your children get everything they want. It does not mean that you give all the money you can give just because you have the money. You will be teaching the child to be lazy and irresponsible. As early as first grade (sometimes even earlier) of the child, should be taught to be responsible. That way he/she will deal with life with more sensibility.

Giving less than enough

It is not also ideal to give less than enough. When you do, there is nothing to adjust but the self-control. If the budget is not enough, though, the child must understand why so, that there will be no repressed feelings of deprivation.

predict that my family's

predict that my family’s

Giving allowance is a way to budget. What the person does with that allowance makes that person grow knowing what money is and how it should be managed. Making the allowance healthy is giving enough room to spend for what is needed plus a little extra to make the person decide what to do with it, whether to spend it on something worthless, worthy or save it.

07 Nov 2013

A Guide on How to Outsource – India and its Cheap Labor

Outsourcing has saved a lot of money for businesses in high developed nations. Developing countries are already catching up with technology while labor cost remain lower than the minimum wages in most developed nations like the United States and United Kingdom.

One popular outsourcing destination today is India due to its number of highly skilled workforce and very affordable labor cost. For new entrepreneurs knowing how to outsource jobs to India is very crucial to be able to take advantage of this opportunity.

Basic tips when Outsourcing to India

Outsourcing jobs is not just going to another country and start hiring people there. It is not a single approach business strategy. To help you out here are several tips on how to acquire cheap labor in India.

  • Auction or Bidding - Due to the boom in outsourcing websites that provide employers and freelancers have grown in numbers. They usually provide a web space for employers and provide a description of the tasks they want to be done. Then the freelancers would bid for the pay. And Indians are famous for bidding the lowest amount. The effort on the part of the employer is minimal while being able to acquire several candidates for the job to choose from.

    It is cheaper to pay workers

    It is cheaper to pay workers

  • Direct Hiring – If you prefer hiring employees in India who have actual office experience then consider hiring them directly. With several professional information websites such as Linked and Zing, you can check online resumes and find the right Indian for the job. You simply email your candidate, set up a Skype interview and offer the individual a salary higher than the average local salary for such skill sets and experience. A lot of Singaporean companies are doing this and it had saved them a lot in labor cost.

  • Targeting Freelancers - Freelancers are individuals who are self-employed and are only committed to deliver a task and not to stay with an employer long term. And hiring them is arguably the cheapest option, especially when they are from India. But also consider the risk when you choose this outsourcing technique. Most freelancers are doing work for several employers. This means that you have to negotiate to make them consider that your task should be prioritized.

  • Indirect Approach – It is common for firms to hire local companies when they outsource in India. This saves them money and time from filtering candidates themselves. However, it also allows firms the opportunity to create a relationship with individual employees without cost and decide to recruit them as employees if they find them worth it.

Low cost efficiency put India's outsourcing companies at the heart of global

Low cost efficiency put India’s outsourcing companies at the heart of global

These are the basic tips on outsourcing jobs to India. Learn them well and try each tip out and see the pros and cons yourself.

01 Nov 2013