Interesting Facts About May Day

The month of May marks the beginning of spring, which brings happiness and represents a fresh start. In some countries, the first day of May is celebrated as the beginning of a new year. May Day was originally a political holiday that was known as the Day of International Solidarity. It later became a holiday when people take a break to relax and rejuvenate. Below are some interesting facts about May Day.

Celebration of Fertility


People from numerous cultures all over the world have been celebrating May Day. From goddess of passion to gods of the forest, multiple deities are connected to this holiday. Spring is generally recognized as a time when fertility is on a higher level due to the sensation of celebration and more importantly, the favorable temperatures. Therefore, May Day is perceived as a symbol of enhanced sexuality and increased libido and as such, young couples “go at it.” (For more tips on increasing one’s libido, check out our article on tasty Indian curry recipes)


International Workers Day


May 1st is celebrated as a public holiday by the majority of countries all over the world on account of hard-work. It also commemorates the day workers protested to be allowed to work for eight hours a day, a demonstration in which many people were injured while others lost their lives. People also celebrate Labor Day every year, and everybody enjoys the weekends off in memory of the Chicago’s Haymarket affair. Also, Labor Day was created to avoid public protests.


Skin Beauty


While skin is not related to any other festival, it is related to May Day. Beauty specialists believe that the dew from the 1st of May can enhance the aesthetic appearance of your skin if you soak in it. This dew is alleged to contain purifying characteristics, and it can wash away any pimples and spots from your face. All you need to do is get up early and wash your face in the dew, and your skin will be flawless while your heart becomes pure.


Lei Day


This is a Hawaiian culture that started in 1929 and continues to date. Although each island has its own way of celebration, the aim is to celebrate the onset of spring. Hawaiian people engage in the old tradition of gifting each other with necklaces made of flowers that represent their specific island. They also celebrate “Aloha,” which means love, peace, compassion, affection, and mercy. People also enjoy lei-making contests, Hawaiian music, and hula dancing.


Maypole Dance


This is a very popular medieval tradition. It involves a very tall pole decorated with flowers around which people perform beautiful dance moves with ribbons. This tradition is upheld in the US, Canada, and Germany. Therefore, the 1st of May provides an opportunity for people to dance and sing in traditional Maypole style and the kids get pretzels.


The 1st of May is quite interesting as different people from numerous countries participate in various events on the same day. While it may have started to observe protests from workers, it gradually transformed to Labor Day where it is now celebrated for hard work and as an off day. Additionally, May Day is not only celebrated as a day when people can start afresh, but also as a way of embracing love and peace.